Rare Pair in 1958

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1958 was an unusual year for AMC in Australia. As Hudson and Nash now extinct in the US, both names continued for one more year downunder. The situation was that Hudson was a well respected brand and Nash too was popular with the public. But the Rambler nameplate only kicked on when they were introduced via the Hudson and Nash brands in 1958. Only a hand full of Ramblers were fully imported into Australia from 1950 to 57.

Hudson all the way up to 1957 sold well so it was fair to continue the name for another year to help the sales of the Rambler. All Ramblers were sold as Hudson Rambler or Nash Rambler for the 1958 period. Many 57 Hornets were still being sold during this time. Very few 1958 AMC cars sold during this year and only a handful left.

Pictured here are possibly the only two 1958 Ramblers restored in Australia. Both are owned by Allan Smith of QLD. The one on the left is the 58 Hudson Rambler sedan. Allan purchased the car from the original family. Les Pendlebury (huddy42) a regular member on the hudson forum, father purchased this car new. Les later owned it before it went to Allan. This car now fitted with a 327 AMC V8 and is in truly brand new condition. Every part is pratically NOS and it was restored over a 20 year period. Note that every 58 Hudson Rambler had 3" circular HUDSON badges on the C pillar.

The pink 58 Rambler wagon was sold as a Nash Rambler. Once again a very original car before restoration and another one with full history including much original paper work. This car is 70% restored and again mostly NOS parts were used. The original 6cyl remained in the car. A credit goes to Allan for saving such Rare Ramblers and I think my self lucky to live only 10 minutes away from him and his 2 rare 58's. Allan also owns about 10 other AMC products in various forms of condition.


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    G'Day steve, there were are few owners between myself and Alan, I sold the car out the front of my house to a l guy who lived locally, I bought the car in 1967 when Dad bought the American, I paid $900.00 and sold it 10 years later for $900.00, the guy who bought it off me had it for a period then he sold it. I lost track of it for awhile, then one day driving through Mascot I saw it in a panel shop getting some rust cut out of it, not sure, but think it may have then gone to Mascot motor where Alan may have bought the car. It sure was a beautiful Rambler, wish I still owned it to day, only problem was under powered with the little six cylinder in it. The wagon was owned by a guy from North Sydney Carl Cotto.
  • Thanks for that Les. I didn't relise that there was another owner after you owned it.
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