Throw out bearing positioning

engr1962engr1962 Posts: 45Member
I coupled my engine and transmission today, checked that the linkage was in the throwout bearing correctly before I finished bolting them together.  After I got it into the car, I got worried about how to verify that the bearing is still in the right place?  I know I grabbed the u joint and it turned the transmission which would have moved the pilot shaft and likely turned the bearing, but the linkage seems to move about the same amount. 

How does one inspect that it is still right?


  • engr1962engr1962 Posts: 45Member
    Sorry 1946 supersix 212 i6
  • ToddhToddh Posts: 427Member

    Dr Doug’s video here will assist
  • ToddhToddh Posts: 427Member
    The pawls on the clutch linkage inside of the bell housing will be resting on the flats on the TO bearing if installed correctly.  Also if you push your clutch pedal in and you feel the strong clutch springs, you know it’s working
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