different wheels??

MariusMarius Posts: 134Member
my '28 essex has 20'' wheels , 12 spokes , 11'' drums .....will the wheels from a 29 fit?
a person has 20'' wheels ,11 '' drums 10 spokes.from a '29
are the axles same size ?? 


  • ernie28ernie28 Posts: 520Expert Adviser
    Marius, the axles are the same. The hubs on the 29 are only slightly different and these can be swapped for the 28 hubs. I can't say whether the 29 hubs would be an issue on the 28 - I doubt it.
    Someone else will offer comment I hope on this. 

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  • MariusMarius Posts: 134Member
    the person wants $400 EACH 
    and he wrote "I rebuilt the front wheels, power coated stainless hardware, the wood is in great shape on all 4 wheels just haven’t rebuilt the rear wheels, maybe a winter project some day."
    here is a picture of 2 
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,714Senior Contributor
    Maruis - those are 1930 wheels, (19 inch) and will definitely not fit your car.  
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  • 2manyprojects2manyprojects Posts: 803Expert Adviser
    What else are you looking for other than 29 wheels. I have a 29 with wheels and a lot of other parts including the visor, tranny, axles ,engine has less than 20 thousand miles original radiator pictures of the car are on the Hudson swap page. Entire car is for sale. Paul coolsen
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