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JasonNCJasonNC Posts: 945Expert Adviser
The starter button on my 49 Super Six is erratic.  Most of the time  it works perfectly.  Other times, I have to push it several times before it engages the starter.  Any ideas? 


  • cchancelcchancel Posts: 223Member
    Debris/corrosion on the contacts.  Disconnect the battery and flush with electrical contact cleaner (space around button should be adequate to get solution in).  Let dry and hook the battery back up.  It could be the solenoid, but simple things first.
  • m_mmanm_mman Posts: 54Member
    I just fought this for a long time on my 1942. Yes I checked and cleaned "everything".

    In the end it was the clip/connector on the switch itself. The bullet on the end of the wire went into the clip but the clip was slightly sprung. I squished it a bit with a pliers, the wire went in more soundly, it snapped in and it has been fine since. 
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