1946 Hudson Truck

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I just had my truck delivered from a dealership in Maine, I bought the truck sight unseen (photos make everything look good), and am slightly disappointed, severe hood damage at front of hood where hinges mount on both sides, (is this a common problem for these hoods)? Additionally, for some reason thought the cab would be bigger. All of the photos I have ever seen for I never saw one of these trucks in person make the truck seem a lot bigger, oh well. I am over 6 feet, and have to bend my left leg almost to the front of the seat cushion to get my foot on the clutch pedal. I may have to opt for automatic transmission.  


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    I’m 6’-3” and have zero problems driving my column shift 3 speed truck. Is your seat original?
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    My 42 sedan uses the same (very short) front door. I am 6' 7". I have learned the choreography necessary to twist, insert and put myself inside.  After a while it becomes automatic.

    But NO, truck cabs were not roomy, the emphasis was on cargo area.
    Way back then trucks were for people who were being paid to drive, You did not drive a truck for pleasure. 
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    At the bottom of this post is a discussion about the length of Hudson pick up doors. They used the short sedan doors not the longer coupe/brougham (2 door) doors. 

    The builder cut and stretched a pickup cab and used a 2 door door to gain some additional room.
    Not an easy conversion but It should explain Hudson's use of body panels. 

    https://forums.aaca.org/topic/382103-for-sale-1941-hudson-six-deluxe-2dr-sedan-12000-moon-township-pittsburgh-pa -not-mine/#comment-2402261
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    All the early trucks through the 50s and even some in the 60s were pretty cramped. They were never designed for comfort but for work.  It never seems that they could have just used 2 door sedans for the cab design instead 4dr sedan!
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    Thank you for all of the responses. I measured the distance from where the clutch pedal exits the floor to the top of the pedal, 9", is this the correct "throw" for the pedal? the pedal is 2"-3" out further then the brake pedal. Additionally, anyone know where I can find a hood? Thanks so much for the help.  
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    Pedal specc
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    No more McDonalds for you. JK
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    I don't eat at Mcdonald's , and am in the gym 4-5 days a week. Retired 30 year military veteran Thank you
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    Todd H. Thanks for the diagram, I found it in my repair manual.

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    You might try the Creasy's in Bloomsburg, Pa. for a hood. If they don't have one, they might be able to point you in the right direction.
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    Creasy's phone # is no longer in service, could they have closed? Thank you for the help though.
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    There are two brothers, and one passed. Are both of them in the roster?
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    I have an S-10 bench seat in my truck which has a seat back that is not a deep as the original.  Well that is what I am told.  I am 6'4" and there is still not room in these trucks.  

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    As far as I know, both Nelson and Larry Creasy are still with us. 

    I believe they've closed the garage (so they can spend all their time working on their Hudsons!) -- but don't take my word for that!
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    I'm sorry for the misinformation. I was confusing them with the Renners.
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    I just talked to one of the brothers, I don't know which one, however one brother did pass.
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    If you're still looking for a hood - You can expand your search a bit.  A hood from any Hudson from 1946-1947 should work & fit perfectly (maybe other years as well, I am sure that others will 'chime-in' about that).  Not only from the pickup, but also from cars as well- both coupes & sedans, regardless of it being from a 'Super Six' or 'Commodore' variant.  Just remember to 'save' the chrome pieces from your current hood. 
    If you need those 'chrome pieces' as well, that can complicate things a bit - if you're looking for originality.  Be aware that there are differences in the chrome & script on the sides of the hood between the 'variants' (Super Six vs. Commodore), and the pickups (all pickups produced were 'Super Six') did not come from the factory with 'Super Six' script on the sides of the hood - the holes where the script would be installed were filled with carriage-type bolts, and painted along with the rest of the truck, very basic.  I have two '46 pickups, both of them have the script - apparently added after delivery from the factory(?).
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    Thank you Rick
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