Starter motor question

ValVal Posts: 1,109Member
I have an Autolite MAB 4075 starter motor in my 39 Six. I have been looking to find a core to rebuild as a spare. I have come across an MAB 4076. Best I can find the 76 covers Nash and Hudson 37-47. Can anyone shed more light on this as I wouldn't want to build it if it won't fit. 


  • LanceLance Posts: 1,131Member
    Val, Actually the correct starter for your car was the MAB 4100. The 8 cylinder model used the MAB 4075 as well as the MAB 4100  The 4075 being the slightly stronger starter although apparently you could still use the slightly weaker 4100 ( go figure) Anyway both will work on your six.  Call me if you want Val I have a couple of 4100 cores if interested. 
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 7,456Administrator
    Here's what the Auto-Lite Service Parts Catalog, 1937 edition, has to say:

    models 90 & 98:  MAJ-4057 (this may be a typo)
    models 92-3:  MAB-4075
    models 94-5-6-7:  MAB-4075

    You can also find some starter listings on a Hudson factory bulletin found at

  • KEL 39KEL 39 Posts: 112Member
    Here is starter listing from Hudson Master chassis group parts book 1930-1939

  • ValVal Posts: 1,109Member
    Ivan, so 4075 is what the 92 is supposed to have? Thats the way I read it to be. 
  • ValVal Posts: 1,109Member
    So 4076, can I use that?
  • KEL 39KEL 39 Posts: 112Member
    Here is more information I have from manuals as well as an article from WTN Sept/Oct 2006 by Walt Mordenti. 
    In the General Information Bulletin , the note at the top states starters from 1936-1947 are interchangeable except for solenoid mounting. 
    Hope this helps. 
    Ivan L.
  • ValVal Posts: 1,109Member
    Thank you, Ivan, for this info and clarification. And thank you to all who have replied. The 76 will work in my car so I will rebuild it. 
  • eddiehudsoneddiehudson Posts: 72Member

    Where does it say MAB 4076 fits Hudson? Maybe an old Hollanders Interchange?
  • ValVal Posts: 1,109Member
    It doesn't however I have measured the shaft distance. It is the same. I have measured the body distance. It is the same and it looks identical to what I have. Clocking is the same way. So I feel that it will work.
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