Automatic wiper access

rusty_apacherusty_apache Posts: 230Member
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Does anyone know the civilized way to gain access to the Trico wiper mechanism?

I have removed the screws fastening the upper valance and unscrewed the on/off vacuum valve on the wiper mechanism. 
The manual arm lever is knurled as if it may be unscrewed possibly allowing the escutcheon to be removed allowing for the removal of the panel.
I have tried to remove the windshield piano hinge that is blocking access to the Trico mounting screws and it seems as though they have a nut on top that is spinning freely.  
Being an original survivor I don’t want to botch anything!


  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,623Senior Contributor
    The knurled shaft unscrews from the hub, and you can then remove the cover. 
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  • rusty_apacherusty_apache Posts: 230Member
    Thanks for the help Geoff!
    I was able to unscrew the tiny lever without bodgering the knurling with an 1894 Dudly bicycle spoke wrench. It worked like a charm! The windshield mounting nuts are now accessible and soaking up some penetrating oil, judiciously applied with an eye dropper.

    The cover was just filled with mouse debris, and the upholstery was originally grey. 

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