Hudson Carpet: Newstalgia and Newark Auto update

BitburgerBitburger Posts: 132Member
Newstalgia has recently shut down their carpet department apparently for good. In addition they have reduced several color options in windlace and headliner material.

Newark Auto (Carpet) has a new owner as of 1.5 years ago. Prices for online orders are different from orders over the phone. On line orders currently offer free shipping for first time buyers. Unfortunately, they provide no Hudson option in the drop down menu so Hudson orders, for now, must be placed via phone order. The current Hudson patterns they have are for 51-54 models only. A drawback with ordering via phone is when you call their website number 973-677-9935, you get a recording. After leaving a message you will receive a return call form an 888-541-7130 number which starts as a Robo call but when you speak switches to a live agent.  When googled, this number does not appear as anything related to Newark Carpet. I recently had a discussion with the new owner which focused on their Hudson patterns and the phone issue. He sounds like a good guy and sincere in any feedback which would improve his products ( currently carpet only but with future expansion ideas) and improve customer service. Prices are very reasonable.

So with Acme ( not being able to order unless you are an install shop) and SMS which from recent accounts here on the forum have slipped in quality since new ownership, what other options do we have?


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