Rods and Pistons

I have been looking at the manual on the assembly of the rod and piston. I have been looking at my pistons and and all I can see is the size of my pistons. My rods do not look like anything I have seen in the manual. 

My engine is a 1955, 308 engine. I know that it a JC Whitney blue painted low mileage engine. The pistons were rusted in place, from setting exposed to the elements for a number of years. 

Any help on how the rod and piston are correctly assembled will be helpful.

Thanks Wookie 


  • blondwookieblondwookie Posts: 324Member
    Is there a correct or something incorrect way to put my new pistons onto my rods?
    I have a 1955, 308, JC Whitney blue painted engine okay
  • Ol racerOl racer Posts: 2,607Senior Contributor
    Everyone probably has their favorite method. I cut a length of heater hose to hold rod snugly in vise then ensure the Piston Ring Pin goes toward rear of block and the tiny 'Oil hole' at bottom of Rod is open pointing toward Camshaft Lobes. Additionally, ensure Cap matches each Rod number correctly. The Snap Rings install pretty easily, however ensure tight in groove I dunk the piston in a large pail of 30 or 40 wt oil then install with a 'Band' Compressor on bottom Ring then slide up to top three rings. I also put a 4" pC gas line hose over Rods bolts so dont nick journal. Tap gently then watch for ring to jump out of Compressor. May need few practice try's.
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