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    These 'glam' media sites tend to have little substance in their articles and tend to simply parrot info they find elsewhere on the Internet. While it's interesting to see these written, I'm convinced they're created as click-bait to drive traffic.
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    Interesting non the less, ya I noticed that as well. I want a 308 straight 8 lol 
    cool to see that the defunct company’s are starting to get a bit of spotlight
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    Maybe bore a straight 8 and get to 308?? Lol
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    This Hornet Coupe was once owned by a Deceased HET Resident from Colorado, the car progressed through the hands of several Texas-based HETers.  One of them restored the car and unfortunately died of cancer several years after completing the car. Provenance for the car includes a "bucket list drive" down WOODWARD AVENUE.  The last owner was Ed G of Victoria Texas.  I got to ride in the car when Ed and his bride were on the AACA Texas Tour when it passed through Fredricksburg, Texas.  Ed passed away nearly a decade back and the car passed to his son.  Today the location of this car is unknown to me. 
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