35 T valve job

35 Terraplane35 Terraplane Posts: 423Senior Contributor
Decided it was time for a valve job. A good winter project. A friend with a very nice shop offered to help with the engine removal. The engine is very clean. Including the water jacket, no crude inside at all. Cylinders have a very slight ridge at the top. The cam appears to have wear on the lobes. Still has the original fiber cam timing gear. Luckily I bought a later 20 deg Alum / Steel set from a club member several years ago. Upon Geoff Clarks recommendation, I purchased 38 valves, guides, springs and lifters from Dale Cooper. Larry Cramer, AKA Uncle Josh, generously offered to give me a day long tutorial where we took apart a 212 he had. Was very helpful. Will post again as work progesses. The pic of the Baby John Deere LA belongs to my friend that is helping me. He's a tractor guy. I've helped him a number of times when he needs an extra set of hands.


  • jjbubaboyjjbubaboy Posts: 916Senior Contributor
    Thanks! Great pics, keep em coming with your updates.
    Wonderful JD tractor too! Is that a JD A or B next to it?
  • 35 Terraplane35 Terraplane Posts: 423Senior Contributor
    jjbubaboy, The JD is an LA.  My friend has others he's rebuilt over the years.  He just sold two of his M's to a 13 year old kid.  One was rebuilt, the other a parts tractor.  The kid wanted it to run his feed auger.  He and his 15 year old brother started a beef ranch two years ago with the help of their dad.  They run it completely by themselves now.  They have high school friends who work for them.  There is hope for America with two kids like this doing what they're doing.  
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