Door Glass

ratlee2ratlee2 Posts: 355Expert Adviser
Has anyone had side glass cut for their Hudson recently, I am curious on current pricing?  I need to replace the rear door glass on my Super Wasp sedan in green tint.  The prices I am getting locally is between 200-300 dollars each with me handing them the old glass pattern so there is nothing other than tracing and cutting the new glass.  I am used to paying between 20 and 40 dollars for these 2 years ago.


  • ski4life65ski4life65 Posts: 1,172Expert Adviser
    That seems crazy expensive
  • ratlee2ratlee2 Posts: 355Expert Adviser
    Yeah, I thought so too.  I even pointed out to them that I could buy all 8 side glass pieces as a kit off Ebay for the same price they were quoting me for 1 window.
  • ski4life65ski4life65 Posts: 1,172Expert Adviser
    Bob's classic glass sells the entire kit (8 pieces of glass for a sedan) for $340
  • charles4dcharles4d Posts: 673Expert Adviser
    Shipping is a killer for glass
  • fliptopfliptop Posts: 280Member
    I last used Peninsula glass company, Vancouver WA.  Good quality and reasonable price.


  • blondwookieblondwookie Posts: 330Member
    Contact Bob classis auto glass. 800-642-2130
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