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while checking brakes on my '28 essex i noticed that one of the wheels spokes are all loose. where can one get complete wheel wood spokes?
does one go to metal spokes ? and where?
i think that it would be prudent to do all 4 wheels, as they are original '28


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    Vern Jensen of Aotearoa Wooden Wheels. The link above should take you to the advert.

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  • MariusMarius Posts: 112Member
    the other option is to make tin shims and flare the tin on the inside of rim ...

  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,570Senior Contributor
    Be sure that if you dismantle the wheel spokes you clearly number them and refit in the original position to maintain circularity and fit.  The shim method works.  Use a paint  tin to make the shims out of.  it is a tricky operation  to get them back in place.  I use a large dinner plate size round piece of  flat steel with a long threaded stud.   With the wheel on the bench ( with a hole drilled through the bench),  mount the spokes in a cone shape and draw into position.   Hammering into position is virtually impossible.   Incidentally, if you do not number the spokes you have one chance in 479,001,600 of getting them back in the original position.  I kid you not!
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