1946 Hudson "Bigboy" truck - want to add an OD to it

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I have 1946 Hudson truck with 3 speed. I want to convert to overdrive. Is the OD unit used the R9B-1 or R10? Can anyone tell me where to acquire one with all of the associated bits? Also interested in 308 engine. Thank you in advance, Kevin Morrow


  • charles4dcharles4d Posts: 642Expert Adviser
    From 41 to 47 should all be the same overdrive it should be able to inner changeable 
  • kmorrowkmorrow Posts: 6Member
    Thanks Charles
  • James P.James P. Posts: 485Senior Contributor
    My understanding is that they are the same '41 to 'mid '52. I don't any longer have one with all of the accessories or peripherals, but I might be able to come close. They are heavy to ship, 144 lbs, if I remember right, but it can be done.
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    Hi Kevin what worked for me years ago for my 1947 Hudson pick-up was a 1956 308 with 3 speed and overdrive along with a Ford 9 inch 3:50 ratio rear end. Able to keep up with traffic and still keep it mostly Hudson parts.  The original 6 cyl had only 3 main brgs and was babbit bearings which now is nearly impossible to find a shop to do.
  • kmorrowkmorrow Posts: 6Member
    Thank you James and Courtesy Man
  • kmorrowkmorrow Posts: 6Member
    James, where do you live. I am in Delaware. I would rather come pick up rather then ship.

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    Kmorrow where are you in DE?  I am near Newark.
  • James P.James P. Posts: 485Senior Contributor
    kmorrow said:
    James, where do you live. I am in Delaware. I would rather come pick up rather then ship.

    Minneapolis (sorry).
  • kmorrowkmorrow Posts: 6Member
    50C8DAN, I was born and raised in Newark, De. Now In Milton 
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    kmorrow, may I suggest that -- once you've determined exactly which overdrive you want -- you start a new discussion entitled "overdrive wanted"  and put it in the "Parts & Pieces" section (under "Classifieds" in the menu to left).  State exactly what you want, and your location.  

    Currently, your wish for an overdrive is part of a discussion called "1946 Hudson "Bigboy" truck.  There might be someone with a transmission to sell, but he won't pay much attention to your posting because it isn't obvious from the title that you're looking for a transmission.  

    Just a suggestion.
  • kmorrowkmorrow Posts: 6Member
    Thank you. I am new to this site.
  • PaulButlerPaulButler Posts: 972Administrator
    No problem , I tweaked your discussion title for you as well

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