Another bypass oil filter thread

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I am in the camp that says if you have a full pressure system (splashers need not apply), but no full filtering capability, some filtering is better than none.  Accordingly, I am aware of the problem with too much oil coming out of the bearing galley and creating starvation and bearing loss.  There are many suggestions on restricting the oil flow into the filter, but there are many different opinions on this.  I did find the link below to adding a bypass spin-on filter to Chevy I6s that seems to apply well to the Hudson pressure-lubed I6s.  I thought it would be a good read.  I still hope someone will pickup Franks full flow system, but that is looking unlikely at this point.


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    Just a follow-on comment - Once I get the manifold project going and I still have the energy I may consider picking up Frank's project if the drawings and information is still available.  In my call with him that he had engaged a casting company to cast the bodies, but beyond that, I do not know what else he had planned.  I did talk to his widow a couple of years ago and she was trying to find someone to pick up the work.  I don't know if it is still available or not.?  Perhaps someone in the Pac. NW might know?
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    Wow - checking the threads I guess time has flown.  I talked to Franks's widow back in 2017!!!!
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