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I would like to do a bit of an informal survey. Do any of you have a feeling that ebay has started to falter in it's offerings in the area of Hudson parts?   I am seeing more and more generic parts on the Hudson category the are not even close to being Hudson parts. I am getting the feeling that ebay is just filling up what would  be empty space.Do any of you feel that way as well?   Just curious.


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    You may have a point as it does seem that more "junk" appears in searches on eBay for actual Hudson auto related items.  I just checked on eBay "Hudson Pacemaker" and got things like a Mexican Flag, 8 ball shifter knob, license plate topper, numerous rubber seals, etc. that "fits Hudson Pacemaker." I don't recall so many odd ball things showing up in specific eBay searches in the not too long ago past.   
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    There's supposed to be a way to put your search in Quotes to only get Hudson, but I don't know what's involved. Maybe someone knows.
    I don't buy or sell on ebay.
    Wellington , Ohio
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    Yes Lance -it used to be that Ebay was good for a seller and had bidding and BIN plenty. For the buyer the search worked well and you found what you wanted. I have been on Ebay for twenty years and currently thinking of ending my sales there. Some examples: Hudson running board rubber for trucks - only about 7 viewers, Hudson distributor caps, 1948-50 no interest. Expensive spiral taps at 30% no interest and 10,000 Chinese beat me to it. If you do a search and come up with 7,000 hits are you going to find my ad? No. Many ads are repetitive and dishonest about USA location and have terrible feedback. But they still show tens of thousands of sales and Ebay lists them as a sterling member.  Most of my NOS antique car parts are lost in a sea of phony parts said to fit that vehicle but will not - and then I have to compete with tie tack's and T-shirts in antique parts category. Rant over , for now.  Gert
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    I've about given up on it. A few years ago used to know how to narrow the search to keep out the chinese curb feelers, but it seems impossible now. 20 years ago ebay was a miracle for guys like me way out in the sticks.
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    Try Hudson vintage parts it cuts out some of the junk
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    My search is: Hudson -(fits)   seems to get rid of most of the junk
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    Over the years when I search eBay for anything that I am interested in I check the seller out by looking at their other offerings and the ratings that others give the seller.  If they are selling stuff I like I add the seller to my favorite sellers listing.  Now up to nearly 40.  These preferred sellers account for 90 percent of my purchases on eBay.  Like Don I have a specific search criteria... this includes excluding criteria.  In the past it was easy for me to find the known HET member sellers.  Today it is more difficult and there is a very narrow means to determine what the sellers willing to do when using current pricing criteria.  I do not sell on eBay anymore they have made it difficult and too much overhead.
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    Yea - I have had 'searches' running for years on Ebay. 
    To put it bluntly, about 5+ years ago, Ebay's 'intuitive' search features began 'puking-up'/'hurling' PURE garbage into my search notifications that had & have NOTHING to do with what I was/am searching for, and were IN NO WAY a part of the 'key words' that I use as parameters for my searches..
    Ebay administrators seem to think that they are doing us a favor by expanding our searches (regardless of our 'focus narrowing' parameters), however what they have done is to, in effect' make ANY type of search that we create - USELESS. The alternative theory is that they've done this on purpose, to involuntarily draw-us-in to looking at more & more items 'for sale' on their website, in the hope that we'll see something TOTALLY unrelated that we might like to buy. Personally, I believe it is the latter..

    I have to look through HUNDREDS of items for sale, where previously I would see 10-25 items that met my criteria..
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    Yes, I have noticed this not only on eBay, but on most search engines in general. I find that searching by part #, not only automotive parts but any part number, routinely brings hundreds of hits that are not even close to the part # I entered. This happens it seems now with all searches, just filling up space with entries that are not even close to what you are looking for. I agree with 46Hudson PU above - the search parameters have been expanded so much that one can hardly do a focused search any more!
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