1934 Hudson convertible

GTOGUYGTOGUY Posts: 13Member
Need hood alignment brackets for cowl radiator shell anyone there help me


  • GTOGUYGTOGUY Posts: 13Member
    I am alooking also for the inner front bumper 34 if any one has one let me know if for sale or I willing to pay to use one for pattern 
  • GTOGUYGTOGUY Posts: 13Member
    Also need window door components for my Hudson convertible will pay premium for complete set for both doors thanks
  • SystemSystem Posts: 15Member
    This discussion was created from comments split from: I'd like to Buy 1934 Non-Terraplane Hudson Front end body parts.
  • PaulButlerPaulButler Posts: 975Administrator
    @GTOGUY I've merged your comments from another post into this one , always easier to make it clear. If you post into an existing discussion then your chances of getting a hit diminish 

  • GTOGUYGTOGUY Posts: 13Member
    Thanks Paul still learning 
  • GTOGUYGTOGUY Posts: 13Member
    Also need window wing cranks 34 Hudson convertible thanks 
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