Any Forum members in Lubbock TX?

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If there are any forum members from Lubbock I need a favor.  My son is rebuilding an AMC 327 V8 for his '66 Jeep Gladiator.  We sent the water pump for a rebuild to a place called O&G in Lubbock.  They have been around for decades and supposedly do great work.  I talked to a woman there and she said no problem we could turn the pump around in a few days.  Well, that was about 2 or 3 months ago!  I have called, left messages, sent emails, and nothing.  We even called neighboring businesses that said the place was still open but not very active.  I am about ready to give up, but these water pumps are NLA and are quite expensive if you can find one.  If you live in the area I would appreicate it if you could stop there and pickup the pump and I would of course pay for the shipping.


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    Dan, if you don't get any response here, you might check the roster to see who is close by. I hope you are successful.
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    Check you email
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    Thanks Glowplug.  I also found him last night in the HET register.  I will be calling him tonight.
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    I did not realize Lubbock was so out in the middle of nowhere, especially in a state as large as TX!
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    Well, wonders never cease to happen.  I got a call tonight from the water pump place.  Apparently, the elderly owner has been ill and one of his daughters had to be put into an assisted living home.  They had been working on my son's pump but the impeller broke when trying to remove it and they had been trying to find a replacement.  Anyway, they are sending a rebuilt one and an extra core besides ours back.  So all is good.  Many apologies but I guess things happen!
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    Hey Dan, I just saw this but I live near Lubbock and work there. Let me know if you need any help. 
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