Dodge Hornet

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The name should be retired with honor.  Although it looks interesting it surely not a Hudson!


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    At least it isn't a EV, like the new "Scout" (VW owns International) is supposed to be... Odd how they kill Chargers and Challengers, and announce this...
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    Yeah, not impressive. Are they now aiming for the rice-burner crowd?
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    This is.... Interesting. I like the looks, but the fake sound? Dunno. Sounds like an electric chainsaw the old man had when I was a kid.

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    Well at least we have that out of the way!  Maybe Jerry Springer and a DNA test?
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    Is the emblem Hudson like? Or the AMC insect version?
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    Another unimaginative jellybean.  The automotive world will collectively yawn and in a few years it will be forgotten.  Too bad so much is wasted on marketing instead of original styling and engineering.
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    More like 'Hi Grandpa'!  LOL!  :smiley:
    Not the 'first' re-use of the Hornet name..  Go back about 52 years, there was another - the AMC Hornet (1970-1977) -
    I had a Hornet 'station wagon' shown, and changed it to the 'James Bond Edition', taken from 'The Man With The Golden Gun'.  To be honest, it was STILL quite a disappointing car to look at..
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    'The Man With The Golden Gun'.=  brings back memories from 1974 when my now wife & I were extras in that movie whilst in Bangkok
    Dave Y New Zealand
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    I thought the Hudson Hornet stole it's name from the famous Wolseley Hornet special 2 door convertible from the 1930/36. We had the 1934 Wolseley Hornet 4 door when I was a kid. Great car...mainly used by the British police. ..But I'm biased as an Australian/English citizen hehe
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    Dennis Collins has a You Tube “Coffee Walk” COPO  racing video that contains a Factory prepared AMC Super Stock 360 HORNET race car.  Low miles and in a private collection that is raced on Michigan area NHRA tracks.  Very cool I do not think most AMC race guys know about...
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    The Dennis Collins video is:   check out the Super Stock Hornet at 17:25 
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    This was a rather interesting entrant at Good Guys this year. 
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    I just went though the rambler ranch in  Elizabeth Colorado the other day best connections of AMC Nash and Hudson cars I have ever seen, definitely worth the trip no matter where you are there are quite a number of various models as well including the Hornets  
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    I have been to the Rambler Ranch a few times. The HET Club went there when The National Meet was in Colorado Springs.
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