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51 step down 2 door hornet, I got a nice set of headliner bows, 5 out of the 6 fit perfect into the original grommets and line up well into the groves even in each grommet, it seems.
This is my first Hudson so a few the headliner bows tend to touch the inside of the roof skin?
other then paint on one end (which is gone) is there anyway to tell which goes where, like i said i have 5 out of 6 that match fitment and roof curve seem to be correct but the one odd bow is very flat in the middle compared to all the rest that have a perfect curve that mirrors the roof shape. see picture.
is it typical for one to be flat and if so where does it go? or do i have the wrong bows? thank you


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    also wondering what this is? found this picture in service manual, its like a twin rod center bracket for a dome light? is this for all step downs? mine appears to have some lack of rust outlining this area on inside of roof skin but this bracket/ assembly was not with or in the car when i got it. can someone tell me what this is , what it is called and if it should be there?
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    Perhaps the 6th roof bow attaches above the windscreen. Usually have a different shape to the others. Good luck with the resto
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