1/4-28 screws, nuts and washers

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I don't know about your area but trying to get 1/4-28 anything is a pain here.  My local hardware store only has UFC fine stuff in Grade 8 bolts.  I have been working on the windows in my Hornet and everything there is 1/4-28 as are lots of other places in a Hudson, Studebaker and others. I looked at Home Depot, ebay, and Amazon and 1/4-28 is obscene if you can even get it. So I went to our local fastner distributor and had to buy in bulk but at least no more hardware trips.  I had to buy 100 of each, but I have 1/2", 1" machine screws, nuts and ext toothed washers, all in SS.  If you need something I have more than I will use in my lifetime, you can have them for what I paid, just pay first class shipping, usually a buck or two and i will send them to you.



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    I'm having even more trouble finding 1/4-24 fillister head screws to fit my Detroit Lubricator carburetors. 14-24's would even work (.003" smaller diameter), but I can't find those either.
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    It's been a long time since I saw size 14 screws.  Shoot size 12 is even pretty rare these days.
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    So the fillister head air horn screws for the Carter Carburetor on my 46 are called out as “12-28”. I found them at Mike’s Carburetor. They were too long but, hey, I was able to cut them to size easy enough. 

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    I buy fasteners in bulk too.  Mostly from McMaster Carr
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    The guy at the nut and bolt place that I usually buy from, wouldn't believe these sizes existed until I showed him the taps that I have, and an old machinist's handbook from the 20's that had a tap and drill chart showing them.
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    We were working on a friends 1936 Terraplane convertable basket case and we could not find any of the odd sized scwers anywere and we told the owner we would have to drill and tap for new screws he asked what we needed for screws ( the ones we could not find anywere) and he said he would be back in an hour and not only did he come back in an hour he also had all the screws we needed when I asked him were he found them he told me that he just drove down to a gun smith shop he knew they still use odd screws like the ones we needeed in guns to this day and I will never forget were to get them if I need some in the future.
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