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I just bought a Hudson Hornet 1952.
The motor is from a 1956. 
The starter was broken but the guy I bought it from had a new ministarter to it.
When we were going to change the starter we noticed that it was to short and didnt reach the wheel.
The original starter that is broken is a -56  MDF-6012 and the new one is also to a -56...
I checked the transmission and the number on it says H52-24808 
I guess the transmission is the original 1952? 
Than I will have to buy a MCH-6204?
A little confused here... 


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    Most of the time, the 56 blocks have an early crank in them, which is 1/2" longer than a 56 0ne, or they have a spacer between the crank and flywheel, so they can use the original (to the car) transmission. You need the starter for a 51-54 Hornet with automatic transmission.
  • chris52chris52 Posts: 6Member
    Ok so it's deffinetly a -52 transmission?
    Where do I find a 51-54 starter?
    Thank you. 
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    It is... The H52 on the tag, means Hudson 1952. (If the letter was a P, it would be a Pontiac, L for Lincoln, etc) If you are still 6v, I think Lance Walker can fix you up with a starter. He frequents this page. Al Saffrahn in Maricopa, AZ. could be a good source too. For 12V, I use the mini, gear reduction units from Snap Rebuilders in Salt Lake City, Ut. I don't have their number, I just google it when I need it.
  • chris52chris52 Posts: 6Member
    Ok thank you! I live in sweden so I will order a 12v mini from snap.
    Appreciate your tips! 
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