1937 to 1939 Hudson or Terraplane Torque Arms

I am looking to buy 1937 to 1939 Hudson or Terraplane Torque arms. These are the arms that connect the axle to the frame. They are number 23 shown in the picture. I need one or I would buy two if they are available. Let me know what you have.


  • D7feverD7fever Posts: 59Member
    How about 1936, are those the same?  I have a pair of those.

  • terraplanepilotterraplanepilot Posts: 76Member
    No I am sorry to say but they are different. They have a bend in them and the tie rod goes through the arms where mine goes underneath them. Thank you.
  • KEL 39KEL 39 Posts: 107Member
    According to the Master Chassis Group Parts book 1930-1939 there are 6 different frame arms from '36 to '39. You will have to know the year and model.

    Ivan L.   

  • terraplanepilotterraplanepilot Posts: 76Member
    The year that I am working on is a 1939 model 92. The bar length end to end is 23 1/4". Thank you KEL 39. 
  • jjbubaboyjjbubaboy Posts: 893Senior Contributor
    I will measure mine this weekend. I have a 37 front axle and arms.
  • barrysweet52barrysweet52 Posts: 643Expert Adviser
    It would be to know what car make has the same chassis/frame bush for the 36 and 37H cars. Was asked recently and I didnt know. In the past my local car parts place would go thru a thick book of bushes and find one similar. 
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