1951 4dr. hornet for sale

SMOKESMOKE Posts: 4Member
has a 250 6cyl chevy engine and 3sp. stand. trans runs great and very dependable gets 20mpg.  body and frame good condition, paint poor ,trim fair, interior good, converted to 12v with aftermarket gauges, new tires,shocks,sway bar, alternator....nice driver has a 52 dana rear with 3:08 gears.... have a good 308 block,head,new pistons, clutch,pp,flywheel, 2 rearends, various other parts.....car is in the albany,ny area all the parts are in northern ny,  ask 7k for everything


  • lostmindlostmind Posts: 1,529Expert Adviser
    Post some photos , might get a response
    Wellington , Ohio
  • SMOKESMOKE Posts: 4Member
    photos can be texted to you
  • Hudsy Wudsy Hudsy Wudsy Posts: 509Senior Contributor
    Smoke, I'm an old guy who only has a land-line phone. If you have any photos please post them here.
  • gearheadgearhead Posts: 17Member
    Do you still have the hornet for sale. Interested
  • gearheadgearhead Posts: 17Member
    Having a hard time contacting you interested in your 51 Hudson let me know if you still have it John
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    edited January 23
    The original poster hasn't been on the forum since August 2022Here is his email
    Wellington , Ohio
  • gearheadgearhead Posts: 17Member
    Thanks lostmind I’m wondering if he is still active I’ll try his e-mail again maybe I have upper or lower case mixed up thanks 
  • lostmindlostmind Posts: 1,529Expert Adviser
    That's the way it's listed in his details


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