Rear axle seals

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Hey all, I need to replace the rear axle seals on my '46 pickup.  And tips on making it a bit easier and what part number should I be using?

Thanks in advance.


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    Pretty sure I have those.
  • LanceBLanceB Posts: 693Senior Contributor
    Lance said:
    Pretty sure I have those.


    Let me know what you want for them.  Also any tips on installment?

    Lance B
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 7,456Administrator
    I assume you mean both the inner and outer seals?  I've just replaced those on my '37 (which may have similar seals to your '46).  My inner seals were leather, so I soaked them for several days in neats foot oil to limber them up.  Also, some of the big auto parts chains (like Advance Auto and Autozone) rent out tools for free (there's a deposit, but you get it back).  I was able to rent a set of seal installation tools, which make the job go quickly and push the entire seal into the opening in one operation (instead of having to go around the perimeter of the seal with a hammer, tapping them into place and possibly damaging them).  On smack with the hammer and my seals were firmly in place.
  • LanceLance Posts: 1,130Member
    Thanks Lance.
  • LanceBLanceB Posts: 693Senior Contributor
    Thanks Jon
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