Radiator cap for 1935 straight 8

TerriblePainTerriblePain Posts: 25Member
My cap is missing   it threads into the top of the water level gauge portion of the radiator.
I can't even find a picture of what the cap should look like...let alone find one for sale.
Is it true that these coming systems were not pressurized?  I found something in a manual stating the a 4 psi cap was available for cars that frequently drive up hills.


  • bob wardbob ward Posts: 1,362Senior Contributor
    35 is an open system, not pressurised, you can drive it without a radiator cap. Stuff an old sock in the hole to stop water from slopping out.
    36 was said to be a semi-pressurised system whatever that means.
    Lockyer Valley, Queensland
  • ToddhToddh Posts: 387Member
    My ‘34 has a machined brass cap. I’ll take a pic of it for you and post here
  • JACK356JACK356 Posts: 304Member
    radiator cap of my survivor 1934

  • tigermothtigermoth Posts: 542Expert Adviser
    If anyone buys the assets of northwest  auto supply in Grand Rapids, they had them and the original thermostats too. 

    Regards, Tom
  • bob wardbob ward Posts: 1,362Senior Contributor
    This is a home made 35 radiator cap, I couldn't find a usable original.
    Radiator water and gunk get into the fine threads then dry out and glue the cap in place if the car is not used for a while, the cap can be tough to remove even using a spanner. I've learned to take the cap off when I put the car away.

    Lockyer Valley, Queensland
  • JACK356JACK356 Posts: 304Member
    I was able to remove it on my survivor of 1934.Yet at the stop since 1954.C is a very good model
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