2022 International Meet - Ypsilanti, Michigan. Post your photos , thoughts , wants etc. here

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Use this discussion as a virtual base for the 2022 meet and post here any photos , videos , wants etc.


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    If you own or have an interest in Hudson, Essex or Terraplane automobiles, do plan to visit this year's International Meet in Ypsilanti.  Here are the details:


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    Here is a link to download the tech session presentation that I will be giving today 7/29/22 for those that can't make it.  It covers both the head and manifold development and other info. It is in both Powerpoint and Acrobat formats.


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    Wonder people, and the CARS,   lots of parts from 20's to EOP,  teriffic weather. 

    I wish it was longer.
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    An informative presentation, examples of developmental stages in head design and physical examples to compare.

    Intake manifold shown in full size, plastic example.

    The audiance participation was ablely  responded to,  with answers.
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    No one took pictures??????
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    Here are a few pictures from the meet.
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    Nice photos of the Hudson International.  Thanks for sharing!
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    A few more
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    Here are some photos I took A.E. Barit's former home:
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    WOW! Very neat.
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