fuel sender on re-pop fuel tank

DocleeDoclee Posts: 47Member
Just received a replacement tank from somewhere in NY. It looks like the one I took out, minus the rust holes and patches, but did not come with any fasteners for the sender or siphon.

My problem is that the threaded holes (six on the sender and two for the siphon tube) only extend about 5/16 into the mounting plate then bottom out. 

My old tank had been cut and patched, so I have no idea whether they are supposed to be through-drilled, or if I have to either carefully mike out the assembly and find screws of the exact length, cut down some longer screws for a custom fit, or drill the rest of the way through and tap them for whatever I want.

Have any of you ordered one of these re-pop tanks?  If so, did you have this problem and how did you deal with it?  I called the company, but they were unable to tell me anything beyond the fact that they have sold a bunch of them and nobody has complained yet. 

I would think that for what these things cost, they could throw in a few of the right screws and not make us poor old geezers work any harder than we have to.


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    They are not drilled through. If you put screws in that are too long, it will poke through, and it WILL leak. I would measure the depth of the holes, and buy screws to match. (add for any washers you may use, and the thickness of the sender) If i couldn't find exactly what I wanted, I would put an extra flat washer, or grind the length down to fit, just to make sure they don't bottom out in the holes.
  • DocleeDoclee Posts: 47Member
    I sat around and thought about it yesterday and finally decided to just make some 10-24 studs. Don't know why it wouldn't work.
  • DocleeDoclee Posts: 47Member
    It worked. Used 10-24x 5/16 screws backed by nut and lock washers, Screw them in, tighten the nuts and cut the heads off. 1/4 inch screws would have probably worked, but I use what I have. 
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