Fuel tank

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Another challenge to test my sense of humor: Fuel tank worked for a while, then not so much. The plan was to install an electric pump as a primer/backup (airtex). Put in 10 gal of non ethanol a couple of weeks ago, but no pumpage, so i dropped the tank to have a look.

Tank was about 1/3 full of that sticky black goo, sending unit was capped off with a cleverly modified junction box cover and there was a 3 inch rust hole in the top driver side of the tank. Other than that, it was like new.

Ordered  new tank anyway. Kind of pricey, but at least it comes with a sender.

Maybe I'll start on the brakes tomorrow, just to keep the aggravation level up. Still better than dealing with teenagers.


  • 2manyprojects2manyprojects Posts: 790Expert Adviser
    what year you working on ?
  • DocleeDoclee Posts: 47Member
    1950 C6
  • DocleeDoclee Posts: 47Member
    Got all the master cylinder, wheel cylinders and hoses replaced and can demonstrate fluid flow to each corner via the bleeders, but brake pedal requires ridiculous force to do so. Pedal will not return to top of travel.

    Anyone have any ideas? Is there a spring required?

    While I am asking questions, is there a rule of thumb for adjusting the brakes? I put everything back together without checking, because I'm pretty much a genius.
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    "If all else fails, read the instructions" - Murphy. 
    If you're stuck in a hole, stop digging.
  • DocleeDoclee Posts: 47Member
    Thanks for the help.  :) Any idea as whether a spring exists?
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