power window hose replacement

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The hydraulic hose in the drivers door sprung a leak on my 50 Convertible. I am afraid I know the answer, but how do I replace the hose? I can't seem to see where the other end is located. I have a body service manual, but it doesn't indicate the procedure for changing out the hose.


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    Don, The one end goes to the hydraulic supply line at the outside of the cowl in front  of the door. Generally it's a 'T' connection . The other end is attached to the metal supply line going to the door cylinder. This flexible line attaches at the cowl (behind the rear portion of the front fender and goes into the rubber tubing double hole line between the A pillar and the front of the door  above the door swing check arm. This is a PITA job because of the front fender removal. Good luck in any event.
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    That is what I was afraid of. Removing the fender is no fun.
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