51 and 52-54 Hudson hornet fender rocket emblems differences

hchtchchtc Posts: 71Member
edited June 2022 in HUDSON
can any one tell me if the fender emblems on a Hudson hornet are the same on all Hudson hornets?
from what i can find it looks like the fender emblem rocket emblems on a 51 have a narrow strip out the back, where as the 52 and up have a much wider and longer strip out the back.
BUT can someone verify if the rocket shape and size is the same?
i need a set for my 51, but cant find any.
I do however find 52 and up fender rockets. if the rockets are the same size and shape, on 52-54 as the 51's I will get a set trim off the extra strip wide section, and then have them re chromed to be put on my 51.
any helpful info from this knowledgeable community would be great. thanks


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