Help finding more info on 1912 Hundson Model 33 Touring

karissakarissa Posts: 2Member
could anyone point me in the right direction of resources for finding more info on a 1912 Hudson Model 33 Touring? (Car No. 15941)
I can hardly find any others just like it so I’m not sure if it’s as rare as it appears or if I’m just not looking in the right place. Even the few similar vehicles I’ve been able to find that say 1912 Hudson Model 33 are still different from the one we have. I’ve attached some photos, thanks in advance!


  • Hienkel429Hienkel429 Posts: 183Member
    Well what I can offer is that there are 11 others on the club registry. A quick look in the library and a sales bulletin for 1913 says that 90% of touring cars will be Richelieu Blue and 10% Pearl Gray.  Info is out there.  Good luck. 
  • karissakarissa Posts: 2Member
    Thank you! I’ll keep looking :)
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