51 commodore body same as 51 hudson hornet?

hchtchchtc Posts: 71Member
was the 1951 2 door hudson commodore body the same as the 51 hudson hornet?
other then badges and engines it appears to be, can some one confirm. thanks


  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 1,026Member
    The body is the same, except possibly, for holes where trim mounted.
  • hchtchchtc Posts: 71Member
    awesome thanks
    does any one know how to tell if a set of bumper guards are correct for the rear bumper (outer set) ? part # etc. for a 51 commodore?
  • hchtchchtc Posts: 71Member
    see attached
  • LanceLance Posts: 1,130Member
    Those are correct. That style was not used on the front for that year only the back.
  • hchtchchtc Posts: 71Member
    i am trying to locate a set of these, i have a guy who has a set but doesn't know if they are for front or back bumper, does anyone know the part # or stamp # that will be on the original part, that would be correct for the rear bumper?
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