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Can someone tell me the correct measurement for the ribbed wheel cover for a 1950 Commodore? I have the impression that the four that came with my car are incorrect. They stand proud of the center and are almost touching the air valve.


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    I've only ever seen one size in that style of hubcap. Hudson only used 15" wheels from 48-54. I believe those hubcaps were 50-53 (someone please correct me if I'm wrong), but they should fit all of the 15" Hudson wheels, except Jet. The 16" hubcaps have 7 ribs around the perimeter, so are easily identified, although they were never made with the symmetrical triangle like you have. I am suspicious of your wheels. I have never seen this issue with hubcaps before.
  • DocleeDoclee Posts: 47Member
    Maybe I should just go out and hit them harder. That always seemed to work on the kids.
  • DocleeDoclee Posts: 47Member
    Nope, that didn't work.  It's about 12.75 inches across at the widest, in case anyone wants to compare.  Thanks.
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    That’s the right cap for your car. Some of my valve stems touch the cap, on most of the Hudsons I have had over the years, never had an issue. 
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