1927/1928/1929 Hudson Murphy bodied Prototype

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I am currently working on (slowly) the Murphy Bodied Prototype shown in the Butler book.  So it has Carl Zeiss headlights.  these are interesting things.  I am looking for the complete internal mechanism.  Does any one have one?  This is a long shot but I thought I would ask.  I have one together and functioning but I need the other.  Ignore the rubber cup.  I have discovered that part does not go with these.


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    What are we looking at?  Is this the socket, inside the headlight shell?  Do you have any measurements available, or photos of the whole headlight?  (Many may not have the Butler book.)  Are there any markings or stampings on the headlight?  Would this headlight have had a model or series number, or did the Zeiss company make only one style that year?
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    Jon, These headlights had an amber glass "sleeve" that would extend and contract over the headlight bulb. This arrangement converted the headlight into a fog light simply by using the control from the driver's seat. This is the mechanism within the headlight that makes that happen.
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    These headlights are quite unique, and the flutes were actually cut into the glass. Some of the flutes are on the inside, and some on the outside. Maybe Jay can post up a Pic....
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    Jay, you might try these guys. They have restored Zeiss headlights.
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    Yes, I have seen their site.  I am sure they can do the job but at what cost?  Anyway, here are some more pics of the headlights.  I have added a yellow plastic representation of the glass piece that slides on the bulb support.  I also found some 6v bulbs, oddly enough they are from Germany.  These lights are quite large measuring about 12 inches in diameter.  The outer glass is indeed cut both front and back.  The reflector is glass with a silver backing.  Very high end.  These lights have their own serial number are are within 10 of each other.  Other cars that use then as standard are Rolls Royse and the like.  Mostly makes from across the pond.

    I would like to find the parts in the USA if possible....maybe they are cheaper? rather than having everything remade.

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