Smelly exhaust

caltripcaltrip Posts: 3Member
My 52’ Hornet twin H has very smelly exhaust. Can’t drive into garage without stinking whole place up. I’m getting poor gas mileage too. What size jets should be used?  Maybe has wrong jets. Exhaust pipe is very black inside. 


  • lostmindlostmind Posts: 1,529Expert Adviser
    I would guess your choke is not opening.
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  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,605Senior Contributor
    Could be too high a float level, causing over-rich mixture

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  • d50erockd50erock Posts: 11Member
    When did this start happening?  
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 7,456Administrator
    Maybe a family of mice crawled up the tailpipe last fall, made a home in the muffler, and was ultimately cooked to death....
  • RichardDRichardD Posts: 792Member
    Put latex gloves over tailpipe every year, I do !

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