1950 C8 Questions

Hudsy Wudsy Hudsy Wudsy Posts: 509Senior Contributor
Hi, all. I see this '50 C8 for sale on ebay for a while now and I'm wondering if any of you happen to know the car. I'm a little surprised that it hasn't sold yet, but it does have somewhat high miles and, perhaps, a couple of other drawbacks. I hope it's OK if I put a link to it here. (If not, please delete my whole thread.)
1950 Hudson Commodore Series - Series 8 | eBay

Jim Sheehan


  • PaulButlerPaulButler Posts: 991Administrator
    It's a nice looking car , I don't know it but a starting bid of $200 seems somewhat odd to me ...

  • superwaspsuperwasp Posts: 396Member
    That's been up for auction several times. It never hits reserve. Looks decent enough. Frame looks pretty good. I don't recall what it has bid to in the past. 
  • 50C8DAN50C8DAN Posts: 2,687Senior Contributor
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    If you look at all the other cars the dealer has for sale, he starts them all at $200.  I guess I would call the dealer to eliminate the mystery of what the reserve is.  Nice looking car for sure.  I love my C8, drives great and smooth.  Can't hear the engine at idle in traffic.  I have had people ask me if the car has an electric motor when I am in a parade.
  • Hudsy Wudsy Hudsy Wudsy Posts: 509Senior Contributor
    I finally got around to contacting the man. He says that the man who is consigning the car with him hasn't provided much information and zero paperwork in the way of receipts. I asked him what his target price was on it and he said $22,000. Oh well, I guess that I'll keep looking.
  • tallentrtallentr Posts: 20Member
    It is a nice car ,several strange things in the posting. It is obviously a 8 cylinder but he calls it a 6 cylinder. Also has overdrive an excellent option but no mention of that. 
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