Bendix Treadle-vac Power Brake Master Cylinder Replacement Option Question - 54 Hudson Hornet

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Hi all,

I'm enjoying our wonderful weather and taking our 54 Hudson Hornet driving around the the Santa Cruz area. I replaced all the brakes, brake cylinders, brake hose lines and also had a rebuilt Bendix Treadle-Vac Power Brake master cylinder but still looses brake fluid. I know the master cylinder can be rebuilt but I also see that is has a possible replacement option with a new part. Has anyone done this replacement with the 1955-57 Chevrolet Treadle-Vac Replacement Booster/Master Cylinder Combo. If you've done it,  is it an easy install?


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    I am guessing that this is a replacement for a Tredle-Vac as it is not a Tredle-Vac itself.  I have replaced my '54 Tredle-Vac with the unit I made from a 7-in dual power booster and a dual MC.  The problem I had is had to modify a 3/4" bore MC to use on this setup as I could not get enough force in the system with a 1" power MC.  However, I am using disk brakes on the front and you may be using the stock drums?  Also note you will need an adjustable rod from the brake pedal bellcrank to the power booster.
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    Hi Dan,

    I had seen your project outlined in a previous string. What you did is way over my pay grade  :smile: 
    Very impressive
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    You say you are losing brake fluid if you have checked all of your connections for leaks and have not found any the next thing to do is check your carpet under the steering column to see if it is wet because the MC if bad will leak out the back and leak onto your floor it can also leak out the back and into the power brake booster (I have seen these leak into the booster and the vacuum supply would suck up the brake fluid and dump it into the motor) I hope this helps. 
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    I have the same problem with my 54’s Treadlevac unit.  I was looking at the same unit from Classic Industries.  I reached out to them for specs on the replacement power brake unit your looking at using. While it took months to get a reply, it finally came a couple months ago, yet it was only the specs on the mounting plate.  I’ve not checked these measurements as of yet since I had shelved repairs to the Hudson to work on the Corvette.  

    Here is what they sent me;

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    Making two adapter flanges from angle aluminum is not that difficult to go from the Tredle Vac mounting flange to a standard 7 in dual vacuum booster.  A 7-inch booster is the largest you can put in the location unless you want to do away with the firewall brace, which I would not recommend.
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    Yes, a bracket isn’t to hard but I’m guessing the most important part making sure the rod length is correct & will work with the travel length of the Hudson. 
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    BigSky said:
    Yes, a bracket isn’t to hard but I’m guessing the most important part making sure the rod length is correct & will work with the travel length of the Hudson. 

    1955-57 Chevrolet Treadle-Vac Replacement Booster/Master Cylinder Combo :

    Says it is easy to install and includes an adjustable rod for correct pedal height. 

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