Electrical Woes

   I can't get power passed the firewall to make anything under dash back to work. I've replaced circuit breaker, cleaned points in horn relay. Engine runs fine by hot wire, gen charges but no lights anywhere no ignition. Nothing inside works. Have cleaned all common battery connections, both ends of both batt cables, solenoid connections. I didn't have horn before cleaning points on relay but now have low tone. passenger side does nothing so disconnected it. I did run a jumper wire to it and wire got hot, hence my disconnecting it.. All I can say is HELP.
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  • lostmindlostmind Posts: 1,472Expert Adviser
    A voltmeter should show where you're losing power.
    Start at the battery and keep measuring voltage until it's gone.
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  • cheyenne7271cheyenne7271 Posts: 450Member
    There is a hot wire from the voltage regulator battery terminal that supplies power to the rest of the car. I can send a pic later when I get home. 
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  • kamzackkamzack Posts: 518Senior Contributor

       Had time today to re-diagnose My electric woes. As suggested, I started trying to trace wires from regulater wires going past the firewall. Last couple days I' had it in me head It was Yellow wire with dark tracer. while wiggling wire around the electric cooling fan came on. While I am ashamed to admit being so dumb as to having 2 connections on the voltage regulator not tight, I think sometimes it's ok to show dat not everybody is as smart as they think they are.  I'm at da front a line. Tightened screws and I'm up and down da again. It took bout 3 minutes to find the problem, by accident, Wish I had the time back I'd folded my 73 year old body under da dash. I had a remove seat cushion to accomplish that. But not out a da woods yet, Overdrive isn't working but I'll figger that out. Thank for the guidance.
  • kamzackkamzack Posts: 518Senior Contributor
    Solved all is functioning as intended. Thank you again.
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