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I livIi l  live in Switzerland and have bought a Hudson Super Six 1918.
The chassis number is listed as 6699.
The engine number is 71444
Are there any other features on the car where I can verify the 1918 vintage. It is important for participation in the 1905 to 1918 brass class. Thanks for any numerous tips.ype your message


  • akcoopakcoop Posts: 312Administrator
    I know you are not going to want to hear this.  1918 Hudsons used model code "M".  O did not start until 1919.  Now it could be a 1919 built in 1918 but there is really no way to tell the actual production date.
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    Look around the  crank case and you find a date cast in there somewhere.   I agree with Aaron, Model O's were first produced  in 1919,  and the designation went right through to 1928.   Serial Nos.  for the 7 passenger phaeton started at 5,000
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