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    Sometimes I see a car or two in this condition actually show up under its own power at a "cruise night" and then is parked amongst all the nice, shiny, restored vintage autos.  I still admire them despite the rust, exposed upholstery, and perhaps a noisy exhaust system.   I hope you get a lot of miles and joy out of your '50 Hudson and thanks for sharing the photos and story of your purchase.  Happy Motoring!
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    Windshield wiper system. Vacuum driven. Cables come from back side da wiper to da wheels then cables go through da cowl and are attached  to wiper transmission inside da cowl. Cable ends drive a shaft that the wiper arms are connected to on da top of cowl. Hope I didn't miss a step. I really hope a Hudson gets it and gives it life. Get all mechanicals and electrics working and enjoy the ride. I was in my 50 Commodore 8 today for a couple hours. so enjoyable.
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    I drove my 50 Super 6 the other to work, 75 mile round trip. It has plenty of patina and gets so much attention. 
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    Doclee , the cables on the firewall are for the wipers ,connecting the vacuum motor to the wiper arms. Fairly common in older cars.
  • DocleeDoclee Posts: 47Member
    The plan was to get it running amd stopping, then do the interior. 
  • trdrewtrdrew Posts: 33Member
    Cable/pulleys you refer to on the cowl drive the windshield wipers from the vacuum motor mounted high center on the firewall.
  • DocleeDoclee Posts: 47Member
    As an update, got the engine running amd idling. Amazingly it all works after sitting for so long. Dropped off some trim at the chrome shop, most of which cannot be salvaged due to pitting in the pot metal.

    If anyone out there in Hudsonia has any 1950 pot metal trim for sale, I would like to hear from you. Specifically, tail light housings and decklid trim. Supermatic-drive script for the deck lid is especially needed. I would also really like to locate a decent transmission floor cover.

    Next on the hit list is brakes. 
  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 1,025Member
    Al Saffrahn would be a good bet for all of these items. He's in Maricopa, Az.
  • jsalbert711jsalbert711 Posts: 23Member
    I have a newer one for a hydramatic.
  • DocleeDoclee Posts: 47Member
    Had a little mishap which has slowed my progress, but I now have a shiny hunk of metal in my arm and should be back to work in a few days. Took it as a sign from above that I needed a road trip, so I went to visit THE Lance Walker  who had been patiently holding on to a hood for me. 16 hours each way, but totally worth it considering current shipping costs.

    Timing wasn't too bad, as I am waiting on others. Dash trim is at chrome shop, instruments are being rebuilt, front seat is at the upholstery shop (going with blue and white houndstooth with blue trim because my wife kaboshed the blue and yellow paisley). Visor is at the paint shop. His computer picked GM moon blue as the closest match, so that will be the color of the car eventually. Very dark metallic to my eye.

    Currently have the dash and seat trim painted with my version of whatever the factory used as a faux finish. Kind of a leather grain effect, only I went from brown to blue. 
    I need a bigger garage.

  • DocleeDoclee Posts: 47Member
    BTW, anyone looking for a Jeep? Hate to sell it, but need to make up for not working for the past several weeks. Hemmings auction should start next week.
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