Eliminate Stepdown Hudson Drum Brakes and under floor Mechanism DTEL8811pictures

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This is primarily for DTELl8811 request for Firewall M/Cyl & Disc brakes conversion Pictures.

 As mentioned two days ago when replying to dte8811 request for pictures... M/Cyl & Pedal Assy is for mid 2000 Chevy Malibu. The Disc set-up Is homemade by measuring & fabricating a 3/8" steel bracket then installed early 2000 Chry Sebring Rotors, with GM Calipers & Hoses. Works great just like modern cars.

(However now "Starbird Disc Brake" Company makes a reasonable priced Disc Bracket for all old Cars and provides part numbers to buy necessary components from your local Auto Store).

 Additionally, as a foot note on dual M/Cyl's,
 I believe Dan (Hud) Fullerton at the Twin H Garage in Cummins Georgia installed an under floor Dual Master in a couple hrs. I {Think) it retained the mechanicals to the rear brakes.


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    I wouldn’t think Sebring brakes wouldnt be large enough for the weight of a Hudson. I could see something along the lines of an AWD Astro van front setup, aside from the bolt pattern, with slip off rotors etc. I did brakes on an Avenger last month, same pos car, and brakes are pretty small. 
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    ABS also makes a front disk brake kit as well, for all but Jets from 49 - '57.


    I used one of them and it is a nice kit, easy to install.
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