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I am looking for someone in the Hudson club who knows ther way around social media who can help me locate a part I need the person who has it may have passed away and I am trying to find one of his family members if any one thinks they can help me with this please PM me your contact information and I will get a hold of you and explain what I am looking for he may have the only one around ( I sold it to him by mistake and I know it will not work on his car he bought it just for a spare part) and it is the last part I need for my 1936 Hudson coupe any help would be great Tom.


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    where does this person live?  your message is a little vague, but identifying the town may help point to someone who may know the family
    Steve Clarke
    Southeast Virginia
    1954 Hornet convertible

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    This form is Social Media. Tell us what you need. 
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