1947 Commodore Interior door and window handles

I’m searching for the silver/green round, plastic spring loaded trim pieces for the interior door and windows handles. I’m not sure if I am correctly describing the part. See the attached photo. These round pieces go between the handle and the upholstered wall panel. I also need the black hardboard door panel. 
Does anyone have a lead for purchasing these parts?



  • ToddhToddh Posts: 194Member
    You can get the black hardboard door panel material from Restoration Specialties in Windber, PA

    As far as the door handle escutcheons, you should check with Greg Eshelman.  He’s been reproducing Hudson plastic items and may have them or is planning to make them in the future. 
  • Spankys1stHudsonSpankys1stHudson Posts: 7Member
    Thanks very much Todd. Everything I have found on eBay is metal. I will lookup Greg. 
  • Spankys1stHudsonSpankys1stHudson Posts: 7Member
    UPDATE: The interior door handles and window crank escutcheons I have are metal not plastic. We have got them off the drivers side door. Greg Eshelman has not seen this style before and does not reproduce these in plastic and I have searched eBay and not found a match. I think they are original to the car ‘47 Hudson Commodore Super Six. Mine here are scarred up. Please advise if anyone has a lead on purchasing replacements. 
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