Gear Reducer

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I have been told about something Hudson made offered on the 51 models that was a Gear Reducer. Im told it was used for the speed odometer so that older ones could be used with newer drive trains.  IE: O/D Transmissions. Has anyone ever sen one of these and are they available?  Does anyone have a picture of one?   


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    I think those were aftermarket.  Hudson had a variety of gears with different numbers of teeth if you changed your rear end etc  The overdrive would have come with the correct gear for the 30% reduction.  Might look on ebay or google it.

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    those reducers came on the 1951 only transmissions.  All the overdrives I seen over the years had them.  They reduce the cable turn by 50% to match the speedometer gearing.  In 52, the speedometer gearing was changed to match the industry standard.  I have one those reducers on both my 38 and 40 to make the speedo close to accurate.  I say close because you will still need to adjust with the tooth count inside the trans.  Those reducers are around if you watch the flea markets.  You will probably need to cut a hole in the frame of your 39 to have room for it as well as getting a longer cable so you can change the routing.  If you provide your email address I can send you a picture of what they look like.
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    allan, pm sent
  • ValVal Posts: 1,030Member
    Thanks Uncle Josh! 
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