F.S. 262 motor, transmission, parts

vw4x4vw4x4 Posts: 6Member
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Anyone need any parts??   Better pick up some spares, they not making anymore of these..
Transmission, shifts, and turns free.  Motor is missing pistons, and valves. (go figure, I have no idea why)
...  All must go.... located in Pgh. PA 


  • railknightrailknight Posts: 465Expert Adviser
    Manifolds alone, if they're in good shape with no rust through, would be worth picking up this engine to have as spares.  
  • vw4x4vw4x4 Posts: 6Member
     railknight.... that's what I have experienced, after rebuilding many engines. THat's why I'm offering these parts at very reasonable prices...

    AS for the manifolds , I did do a quick examination. They seam to be in good usable condition.

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