1937 2 door coach parts ( wanted, in need)

Hello everyone…..Looking to purchase, some parts to complete the interior of my 37 Terraplane….

Looking for front door window channel @ the back side( where the glass moves forward and back before it slides down). 

Trim for the clock that is mounted into the glove box ( or complete unit)

Hood ornament (cigar) and mount from a 71 model and up  

Thank you, in advance!

Here are some pictures of the parts that I’m looking for:


  • barrysweet52barrysweet52 Posts: 632Expert Adviser
    Try Eshelman for the comet, or the cigar, or the carrot. I have a few 37T four door parts left.
  • RfolinoRfolino Posts: 2Member
    Thanks…..would you know if it comes with the mount that’s needed to fasten to the grill?
  • 2manyprojects2manyprojects Posts: 727Expert Adviser
    does not come with a mount .those are very hard to find
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 7,346Administrator
    Also does not come with the three chrome "wings" as far as I know.  But I can tell you that it's possible for an amateur to make them from a bar of brass (plus a band saw and a hand file) and have them chrome plated....if you're patient.  At least I was able to.
  • barrysweet52barrysweet52 Posts: 632Expert Adviser
    I had a free mount 6 months ago, but no one wanted it. Its missing 1" at the back but still good to get some reproduced.  I reply to ozhudsonatgmail.com
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