Stepdown steering wheel interchangeability

FlimFlamManFlimFlamMan Posts: 38Member
Can a 50 thru 54 steering wheel be used on a 49?


  • ski4life65ski4life65 Posts: 1,118Expert Adviser
    Yes it can
  • blondwookieblondwookie Posts: 241Member
    I stumbled into a brand new steering never installed wheel for my 48 Super Six Coupe. It is actually the correct steering wheel for the 48 and 49 Super Six only
  • Uncle JoshUncle Josh Posts: 2,671Senior Contributor
    You'll need a puller that gets inside the plastic to metal under the wheel, and pushes on the end of the shaft.  I made a split collar and used a pair of C-clamps to make a puller.
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