1946 super 6; remove brake / clutch pedals from the linkage

engr1962engr1962 Posts: 20Member
Happy Holidays, everyone,

I am removing the brake/clutch pedal linkages to get it working again, very rusty/dirty, etc.

There is a 5/8" nut on the end of the brake and clutch pedal shafts.  Those came off pretty well, but now what?  Is the shaft pressed into the linkage?  Screws in?  Can't make it budge either way.




  • LanceLance Posts: 1,036Member
    Dan, the pedal shaft is splined at the very end. Take the nut that you removed and run it up a few threads . Then strike it with a hammer . You may need to secure the pedal bracket to successfully accomplish this. You may need to use a rust penetrant or a torch to help in this depending on how stubborn the fastening is.
  • engr1962engr1962 Posts: 20Member
    Lance,  thanks for the info.  I wasn't able to get it off by banging it so I rigged up a spring compressor and now they are off.  Thanks again.  Dan
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