1954 Hornet

JFrommJFromm Posts: 315Senior Contributor
What is the length of a 1954 Hornet coupe? Google search gives two different lengths. Need it for a trailer rental.


  • Nevada HudsonNevada Hudson Posts: 1,225Senior Contributor
    209 inches.
  • JFrommJFromm Posts: 315Senior Contributor
  • 29sptphaeton29sptphaeton Posts: 378Member
    John if it’s an open trailer it can stick out off the back and possibly the front. Getting all the wheels on is the important part. U-Haul has nice open car trailers.
  • 2manyprojects2manyprojects Posts: 727Expert Adviser
    hey john are you adding to your fleet? i just bought  a 52 hornet sedan and a 41 comm. 6 sedan from the same people in washington state. paul
  • Nevada HudsonNevada Hudson Posts: 1,225Senior Contributor
    edited December 2021
    Towed my 1956 Hollywood with a continental kit  which is 219 inches long and wider than a step down with, no issues over 1,000 miles with the Uhaul rental trailer. The trailer has a fender that swivels out for loading and unloading. Just choose carefully who guides you on and off the trailer, as I learned at the San Diego National. :#
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